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July 04, 2023
Reflecting on the Fourth of July
  The Fourth of July is an opportunity to reflect on our history. John Adams, the second President of the United States, assisted Thomas Jefferson in drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He was its primary advocate in Congress. In a letter written to his wife Abigail two days before the wording had been … Continue reading "Reflecting on the Fourth of July"

June 20, 2023
The Boy Who Fell to Sho
  The Portsmouth Athenaeum is one of a very few, only twenty, membership libraries that are still open in the United States.  These libraries were created in the 18th century “for the mutual edification of their members and to elevate the educational resources available in the community.” Many of the libraries use the name “Athenaeum” because … Continue reading "The Boy Who Fell to Sho"

June 17, 2023
The BIGGEST Fish EVER Caught in Merrymeeting Lake
  Merrymeeting, quietly tucked away in New Durham, is unique among New Hampshire’s many lakes.  It was created, we were told,when someone put a stopper in the sink, turned on the water and forgot to turn it off. Our beloved Uncle Jim and Aunt Barbie spent the summer months there at their camp, “Whitmere.”  Although … Continue reading "The BIGGEST Fish EVER Caught in Merrymeeting Lake"

May 22, 2023
Summer Reading
Summer Reading We are just a few hours away from the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, and the official beginning of summer. It’s time to clean the grill and enjoy the new sense of time when days languish into the evening and mornings begin much earlier. Our thoughts turn to ice cream cones, swimming, … Continue reading "Summer Reading"

May 08, 2023
The Beauty of Art
Ray Alden Burt (1921 – 1997) was a New Hampshire artist who grew up in Thetford.  He took courses in art education at Plymouth State University and taught at Cardigan Mountain School, Kimball Union Academy, and other schools.  His work was often exhibited around New Hamsphire. He and his wife Mary Elizabeth lived in East … Continue reading "The Beauty of Art"

April 20, 2023
Cultivating Avocado Seed
  I love avocados. In salads, on toast, with eggs and, of course, mixed as guacamole and served with salty, crispy corn chips.  While the avocado is high in fats these are monounsaturated fats which, I have read, can protect us from heart disease and even lower blood pressure. Avocados are also an excellent source … Continue reading "Cultivating Avocado Seed"

April 15, 2023
Spring Renewal
  Often, as I begin writing, I read what I have written in previous columns, particularly when the topic relates to the season. This morning I found something from 2018. Salmon colored geraniums, magenta petunia’s, yellow forsythia, red roses, Black-Eeyed Susan’s, lavender lilacs, white begonias, and pink cherry blossoms.  It’s been a spring defined by … Continue reading "Spring Renewal"

March 23, 2023
Unfolded by Surprise
One summer, sitting with a group of poets and poetry enthusiasts at Frost Farm in Franconia and looking back at the mountains, as the sky shifted to black and tall torches were lit to light the lawn, it wasn’t difficult to understand why this place was a refuge for Robert Frost. I recall listening to … Continue reading "Unfolded by Surprise"

February 23, 2023
When the Sap Begins to Run
When the sap starts running, my mind turns to thinking about living on a farm in New Hampshire.  I can describe the house in detail.  Old but structurally sound. You can enter through the grand front door that opens into a foyer at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the bedrooms on the … Continue reading "When the Sap Begins to Run"

February 16, 2023
Super Sunday
  The Super Bowl is as American as apple pie.  An event that brings us together, if only for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon in February. We focus on thinking about pushing a ball up and down the field and forget about those things that divide us. And we put aside our diets … Continue reading "Super Sunday"

January 17, 2023
I have a Dream
  Rev. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929, and assassinated on April 4, 1968, the day of my mother’s birthday. Speaking as much to me, as to herself, she would always remember it, saying in her gentle voice, “This is the day Dr. King was assassinated.” This year, 2023, would have been … Continue reading "I have a Dream"

January 08, 2023
Book of Hours
Patti Smith, a singer, songwriter, poet, painter, and author who became known as the “punk poet laureate” after her debut album, “Horses,” was released in 1975, and received the National Book Award (2010) for Just Kids about her relationship and friendship with the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, published Book of Days (Penguin Random House), just … Continue reading "Book of Hours"

January 03, 2023
Winter Doldrums
Just after the New Year, a friend left an amaryllis plant at my door. He is a gardener with a stunning urban garden, so I was certain the plant would bloom into an exquisite flower. Included was a card that read, “I hope this will help with the January doldrums.” Usually at the end of … Continue reading "Winter Doldrums"