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December 30, 2015
Redefining 2016
December 30, 2015 | Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun It is, I find, the traditions around Christmas that make it special and provide a feeling of friendship and comfort, knowing there is continuity in life. My Christmas in Laconia often begins at the annual, and grand, Christmas Eve luncheon and buffet at the … Continue reading "Redefining 2016"

December 15, 2015
Take Joy!
December 16, 2015 | Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun During the Christmas season, New York becomes a wonderland. Lighted trees lining the avenues sparkle as the day turns to dusk, store windows are transformed into dioramas with stories that come alive, and beauty prevails. The music is magnificent. Young boys dressed in red … Continue reading "Take Joy!"

December 02, 2015
Howard – The Children’s Hour
On Black Friday, when most people were shopping, I had an opportunity to tour the new Perley Canal Mill Apartments that are opening this week in Laconia. I’m sorry I can’t move in. The contemporary homes are filled with light and have large open spaces, walk-in closets (the size, 260- to 360-square-feet, of new micro-apartments … Continue reading "Howard – The Children’s Hour"

November 18, 2015
‘Tis the Gift to Be Simple…
November 18, 2015 | Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun Each time I drive around the curve and up the slight incline to look at the simple Shaker community on the hill I am filled with a sense of peace. There is the simplicity of the structures, the positioning of the buildings on the … Continue reading "‘Tis the Gift to Be Simple…"

November 04, 2015
Make Mine Traditional
Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun The Halloween decorations are still up and the pumpkins are just beginning to disappear as we shift into making Thanksgiving plans to travel over the river and through the woods to visit family and friends. If you were in Laconia last Thanksgiving you probably recognize the photograph of … Continue reading "Make Mine Traditional"

October 21, 2015
Pumpkins Are Trending
October 21, 2015 | Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun For most of the year pumpkin is an ingredient. Something we purchase and use in baking: pies, muffins and breads, primarily. Then as Halloween, or Hallow’s Eve, approaches the lowly pumpkin, a plant that is in the squash family and probably native to North … Continue reading "Pumpkins Are Trending"

October 07, 2015
Longing for a Cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee
October 7, 2015 | Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun Saturday, even on those days when one works, has a different rhythm and routine. For all of us. Traffic patterns change, shopping is different, café’s offer jazz and we all probably allow a few extra calories to slip into our diets, here and there. … Continue reading "Longing for a Cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee"

September 23, 2015
The Shift Into Autumn
September 23, 2015   Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun Walking through Central Park this week I noticed a few leaves that are just beginning to change color. Even if the temperature hasn’t dropped, the feeling of autumn is in the air. Queen Anne’s Lace and Wild Blackberry Pie ( Thornwillow Press, 2011) is … Continue reading "The Shift Into Autumn"

September 09, 2015
Reading is Exploring
September 9, 2015   Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun What are the objects you treasure? I have always treasured my books. They surrounded me when I was growing up. There were all the usual ones, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, Charlotte’s Web, and Nancy Drew mysteries, of course. On the bookshelf … Continue reading "Reading is Exploring"

August 25, 2015
Finding Lonesome Lake
August 25, 2015   Originally published in the Laconia Daily Sun The island of Manhattan is surrounded by water. In the center of the city, in our beloved Central Park, is an 18-acre lake with rowboats, a reservoir we can walk (or run) around, with glorious city landscapes from every angle, and a small pond … Continue reading "Finding Lonesome Lake"