Happenings Archive

  • Close Conversations @theCathedral March 31, 2019
    We communicate through dialogue and discussion within our communities and with one another.  This communication can be angry and hateful, loving and supportive, true or false. Ideally, we use dialogue and conversation to work through conflict, to express our ideas, to describe how we feel and to reach understanding.  There is a purpose to conversation.
  • Margaret and H.A. Rey Center at the Curious George Cottage June 8, 2018
        The Margaret and H.A. Rey Center Elizabeth Howard will be in residency at the Margaret and H.A. Rey Center at the Curious George Cottage in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire from Friday, 27 July through Monday, 30 July.  On Friday evening she will be delivering a talk entitled:   Transformations:  Reflecting on the turbulence and transformative 60’s ...
  • Generation Women June 5, 2018
    Elizabeth Howard will be representing the 60’s in the Generation Women “A Women’s Storytelling Night in New York City.”  The program is being held on Tuesday, 19 June.  Tickets and more information is available through Generation Women. https://www.generationwomen.us
  • Policy Briefing on Capitol Hill May 22, 2018
    Elizabeth Howard is working with Diana Wege to organize a NICE (Nurturing Inclusive Community Environment) policy briefing on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, 26 June at 1:00. The briefing will outline the work NICE is doing to reimagine public school education and identify solutions for violence, anger, bullying through conflict resolution. http://www.wovenow.org
  • Bill Cunningham May 8, 2017
    Bill Cunningham photographed Elizabeth Howard and Patricia O’Gorman at the Grolier Club on Wednesday, 4 May to celebrate the publication of Ned O’Gorman: A Glance Back. A photograph appeared in the Sunday, 8 May edition of the New York Times Sunday Style Section.
  • All around the city, New Yorkers are protesting Donald Trump January 19, 2017
    With the inauguration on Friday, ’tis the season to protest Donald Trump. That includes marches and rallies across the city, but also something much more quiet: a 5:30 p.m. Upper East Side event Thursday when organizers hope some 800 people will gather to hold hands for peace.
  • Reject Violence: Find Solutions September 19, 2016
    Elizabeth Howard is a consultant to WOVEN, We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now. WOVEN was founded by Diana Wege in 2013 and is a digital platform.
  • Strand Event August 8, 2016
    Elizabeth Howard introduced a program at the Strand Book Store moderated by Shaun King, with authors Mitchell Jackson, Daniel Jose Older and Garnette Cadogan, contributors to Jesmyn Ward’s book:  The Fire This Time, a collection of short essays, memoir, and a few essential poems to engage the question of race in the United States