Queen Anne’s Lace and Blackberry Pie

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Author: Elizabeth Howard
Introduction by Ned O’Gorman
Publisher: Thornwillow Press (2011)
Beacon, NY
ISBN: 1466472634

“Elizabeth Howard takes us by the hand and the air is sweet where she leads: the stove, the kitchen table, the seasons, harvests, the landscape. Each thing reflected in the serene mirror of the divine.”
— Ned O’Gorman, Introduction to Queen Anne’s Lace and Wild Blackberry Pie

Queen Anne’s Lace and Wild Blackberry Pie is a memoir of growing up in New Hampshire. Understanding the scents wafting through the house from the kitchen can bring to mind memories, the book is a collection of recipes, taken from the typed cards the author has inherited from her grandparents, that evoke another time. The text is organized by the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.