Ned O’Gorman: A Glance Back

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Editor: Elizabeth Howard
Publisher: Easton Studio Press (2016)
Westport, CT / New York, NY
Limited Edition: 200 numbered copies
Paperback, published June, 2016

Ned O’Gorman: A Glance Back is a book of essays and reflections representing the various facets of Ned O’Gorman’s life. Ned spent almost fifty years in Harlem and founded two schools: The Children’s Storefront in 1966 and the Ricardo O’Gorman Garden and Center for Resources in the Humanities in 1998. He published over fourteen books, created eight artist books and was often profiled in the media for his advocacy of children who had been left behind.

Nicholas Birns’ essay places Ned’s poetry in the context of that of his contemporaries. Jerl Surratt knew Ned through the last decade of his life, when he could write openly about being gay. David Marcotte, S.J., met Ned when he came to confession; they remained friends for twenty years. Elsie Aidinoff worked with Ned for almost two decades at the Children’s Storefront. Jeannette Sanger published Ned’s book of selected poems and was a volunteer at the Ricardo O’Gorman Garden and Center for Resources in the Humanities. Nick and Cass Ludington met Ned when they began volunteering at his schools in Harlem, and lent him their home in Sneden’s Landing each August. There are reflections by teachers at both of Ned’s schools and by others who knew the man described as “a poet, a visionary, and an outsider” by the book’s editor, Elizabeth Howard.

Ned O’Gorman Selected Poetry

The Published Books of Ned O’Gorman