A Day with Bonefish Joe

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David R. Godine

Author: Elizabeth Howard
Illustrator: Diana Wege
Publisher: David R. Godine (2015, Boston, MA)
ISBN: 1-56792-534-0

“In our hurry to fish around the world, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple child-like delight that lies at the bottom of our desire to catch fish. I say that having just read an oddly affecting children’s book called A Day with Bonefish Joe by Elizabeth Howard”
—Don Causey, The Angling Report

Young and fearless Flossie lives on Harbour Island and has a persistent dream to go fishing with the legendary guide Bonefish Joe, a beloved island institution who picks up his wealthy clients at the dock and returns with them hours later, fishless but satisfied. One Sunday, after church, Flossie’s wish is surprisingly granted and she discovers the allure, the challenge, and the delights of hooking (and releasing) one of angling’s greatest prizes.

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